The ancient sages assigned the following numbers to each of the nine planets:

Number 1--SUN

Number 2--MOON

Number 3--JUPITER

Number 4--URANUS

Number 5--MERCURY

Number 6--VENUS

Number 7--NEPTUNE

Number 8--SATURN

Number 9--MARS

There are four types of numbers:

1.Birth Number:
This is a single number derived from the date of birth from 1st. to 31st. (A person born of the 15th. of a month will have his birth number as 1+5=6).

2.Spiritual Number:
This is the number which is derived from the date of birth with the month and the year. Spiritual Number is also called the date of birth number or the Conscience Number.

3.Name Number:
This represents the number corresponding to alphabets in the name.

4.Year Number:
This is the single number derived from adding all the numericals of the birth year (The century year is not to be omitted).

The Birth Number of an individual is the most important factor from the point of view of numerology. Next is the Spiritual Number, which is associated with us throughout our life and this consequently, is of greatest importance to us.

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Astrology is the study of the zodiac, planets, nakshatras(asterisms), the rising stars, planets (bhavas), yogas, dasas and their effects and transits. It enables the casting and reading of horoscope, kundali, janampatri. For its complete reading tables of correction for various cities, sidereal time, nakshatra divisions, vimshottri dasas, navamsas, etc. are also used.
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NUMEROLOGY assigns numbers to each planet:
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