Leo 2012
(denoted by Lion)


Basic Characteristics of Leo

Individuals born under the zodiac sign of Leo are very good looking and have a healthy physique, with a broad forehead. They are very intelligent, extremely courageous and freedom-loving. They love to live by their own rules. Indulgence and extravagance is like second nature to them and they love to roam around and explore new places. They can easily handle the toughest of situations, with their clear and clever thinking. Leo individuals are very generous and expressive by nature.
They easily forgive people who have hurt them and seldom carry grudges. However, if anyone insults them or hurts their vulnerable ego, they should brace themselves for an extremely violent temple. People born under Leo sign are prone to anger and take some time to cool down. Most of them are theistic by nature and believe in the 'Supreme Being'. Leos have a very fiery spirit and love to get indulged in adventurous activities.

General Astrological Predictions for Leo in 2011

The year 2011 would be a generally good year for the Leos. Relationships do well, your ambitions and ideals materialize. But occasional hiccups cannot be ruled out now and then. A lot of positive developments are likely to take place in your life this year. Reinforce your ideals and remain firm on your thoughts and actions. Do not give way for interference by others. Your creativity and imagination would be at their best and hence put it into proper use. Channel them into a profitable deal.

Career and Finance

You have the guts to bring success in your professional life. But of late, particularly the previous year, you were lying low with a dead spirit. Rejuvenate your thoughts and come out of your shell. The first quarter of the year might be slightly unstable for you. But for this the rest of the year shall remain calm and good in the career front. Develop your deeds in a positive direction, new initiatives can be taken without any second thoughts.
Finances for the year 2011 shall remain favourably at your disposal. Projects that have not seen the light of day till now due to short come of funds shall materialize. The end of the year shall see you with a big balance of finances that can help you sail off smoothly for the next few years. Put your money into constructive use and do make sure you save some for the rainy day as well.

Marriage, Family and Love

Your relationship area shall have a conducive atmosphere for positive developments.Try to express yourself in a more emotional and personal way to your loved one.Peace and tranquillity shall prevail in your love front for the year.Stick to your values and do not be taken for a ride. This is the time to put forward anything that you have been keeping a secret for too long. Your patience cannot bear any longer. Things shall turn favourable for you around the middle of the year. Do not hastily settle down in a relationship, instead weigh all the pros and cons before settling down.


You shall command good health and cheer for the year 2011. But do not complacent when it comes to exercising or taking food. Avoid fatty foods to a greater extent else you might land up in some liver disorders. Continuous monitoring of the health of family members is also much needed for this period. This way you can avoid unwanted medical expenditure to a greater extent.


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