Balarishta -- Infant mortality

Bhachakra -- Zodiac

Bhava -- House

Bhava Madhya -- Mid-point of a house

Bhava Sandhi -- Junction of two houses

Bhinnashtakavaraga -- Ashtakavarga of each planet Considered

Bheetha -- State of a planet during acceleration

Bindus -- Marks or benefic dots in Ashtakavarga

Brahmanabhi/Brahmabindu -- Center point / center of gravity of the plot

Brahmasthan -- Central nine squares of the plot / building

Brahmins -- Holy and religious people and the highest caste among the Hindus

Barhaspathyamana -- Jovian year

Budha -- Mercury


Astrology is the study of the zodiac, planets, nakshatras(asterisms), the rising stars, planets(bhavas), yogas, dasas and their effects and transits. It enables the casting and reading of horoscope, kundali, janampatri. For its complete reading tables of correction for various cities, sidereal time, nakshatra divisions, vimshottri dasas, navamsas, etc. are also used.
Horoscope: The configuration of the planets at the time of a personís birth and a representation, as a chart, of that configuration.
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Astrology includes:
Star Divination provides free Janam Kundli download which is also known as Janampatri or Kundali or birth chart. The Kundali or Janamptri is based on Vedic Astrology. You may also view Match Making or Kundli Milan or Gun Milan or Gun Milap on this site. Just enter your date and time and place of birth and download instantly your free Kundali at the click of a button. You can also see your varshphal both from Vedic Astrology and from your Zodiac Sun Signs. Predictions using Horoscope or Kundli are available for life as well as for lesser periods or for different dashas.
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