Vastu is the ancient architectural tradition of India based on Vedas (Vedic Strictures). It has developed its building techonology on the fundamental premise that the earth or the soil is a living organism out of which other living creatures and other organic forms emerge. Vastu can be defined as the life force contained within the earth. It combines yoga, ayurveda, astrology, music, art, mantras, architecture, ritual and colour with principles of design. Whether applied to a home, an office or a public building the principles of vatu positively influence the health, well being and the wealth of the individuals occupying the space.

Vastu is a holistic science which is in full conformity with the entire cosmos and the flow of energy from all sources. The ancient sages of India made a deep study of different aspects of nature and discovered a clear link between the perfect order in man and his surroundings. They also found that orderliness of nature could, if adopted in human life, bring lasting and invaluable benefits. The temples of India are rich in architecture. They are the marvels of Vastu Shastra and give solace to millions who visit them. Similar is the case of ancient forts which have survived the vagaries of history and nature.
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