Astro-numerology is the science of numbers which makes a very fascinating study while making predictions. A systematic study of astro-numerology poes a long way in getting the best out of one’s life and helping to deal with turbulent times. Numerology is lucid enough for a non-expert to gain from. It is not as transcendental and mystical as the occult sciences are usually thought to be. Astro-numerlogy can help build a better character and a successful life. Anyone who has developed a feeling of insecurity, lonliness, fear of the unknown can be “brought back to life” so to speak. Under its guidance, such a person can empirically override unfounded apprehensions.

The right choice of names, colour, dress, dates, partners, business associates through numerological assistance or guidance makes life smooth through proper and harmonious application of cosmic energy.

Our astro-numerical knowledge is based on past experience extending over thousands of years which have gone into making of the science of Hindu Vedic Astrology.

Astro-numerology is growing in importance. Just as the right medicine can cure a patient, similarily, a right choice of numbers can solve one’s problem in life.
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