Astrology is the science that describe the influence of the heavenly bodies upon mundane affairs and upon human character and life. It is the science of the effects of the Solar System on the living beings, particularly humans, on planet Earth. By knowing what our destiny indicates and by knowing what pitfall lie ahead of us, we can exercise our choice to determine the best course to avert a catastrophe.

The horoscope indicates the the pattern on which life is built. The stars indicate what will come to pass.

Astrology points out to the potentialities, capabilities and limitations of the individual. Astrology points out to the weak spots in our character and shows us the reason why at time we are not successful in our endeavours in life. It forewarns us of coming misfortunes.

Astrology points out the best and shortest and safest route to a given goal. It makes it possible for u to analyze and diagnose ourselves. And with the help of astrology we may ue our intelligence and the free will both to avert dangers and to convert opportunity to our advantage.
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